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Bison Short Ribs

Bison Short Ribs, 5 lb. pkg. Each rack is 3 bones and about 14 oz. of hearty meaty delicious heart healthy bison. The perfect party item just braise low and slow and enjoy ! 
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Buffalo NY Striploin

6-8# avg.
Buffalo,  Striploin,  Range -Raised Buffalo,  Cut your own steaks.  Avg. 12-16 steaks per loin 
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Buffalo Tenderloin

4-6# avg.
Buffalo,  Tenderloin, Range-Raised Buffalo,   One can  serve 6 to 12. 
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Sausage, Buffalo with Chipotle Chiles

4 oz. link 5 per pkg.
Bison with chipotle chiles, spices, and all natural pork shoulder. 
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