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Elk Burger, Bulk Ground, Rocky Mountain

5# pkg.
Elk,  Ground bulk,  Elk graze in mountain meadows.   Want a super lean flavorful then try this elk burger. Wonderfully mild protein. Perfect for burgers, chili, or bbq's. 
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Elk Denver Leg, Rocky Mountain

8-10# avg.
Elk, Rocky Mt, Leg, Bnls, denuded. Elk graze in mountain meadows. A whole hindleg with all muscles separated, denuded ,desinewed,and individually packaged. Outer connective tissue is removed for an extremely high yield. Univer 
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Elk Dry Salame, Hot Italian

Rocky Mountain local elk, all natural pork, and italian spices. This 1/2 lb. log is cured and ready to go. Just slice and serve. 
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Elk Frenched Rack, Rocky Mt.

6.5-7.5 lb.# avg. (8 bone)
Elk, Rocky Mt., Frenched rack, Elk graze in mountain meadows. An elegant 8 rib rack. Roasted whole or portioned out for 8 beautiful hardy chops. 
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Elk Stew Meat, Rocky Mountain

5# pkg.
Elk, Stew Meat, Elk graze in mountain meadows. Already cubed and trimmed to perfection. Perfect for winter stew or chizlic. 
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Elk Tenderloin

1 loin per pkg. approx. 2.5-3.0 lbs. avg. weight. Local Rocky Mountain Elk from USA. 
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Venison Frenched Rack

2.5# avg. (8 chops)
Venison Frenched Rack,Chop Ready cervena Red Deer from New Zealand. 
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Venison Osso Buco, NZ

12 oz. avg., 4/pkg.
Venison, Osso Buco, Mountain River New Zealand Red deer are raised as close to nature as possible. Modern sustainable farming methods are used. Most of the diet is green grass. There is occasional supplementary foods such a 
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